How to Plan a Vineyard Wedding

How to Plan a Vineyard Wedding

Here’s what you need to know.

Whether you’re a wine aficionado or you simply love the idea of exchanging vows in a scenic location, getting married in a vineyard may be your ideal wedding setting. As with all other wedding venues, a wedding a winery does pose its unique set of pros and cons. If you’re unsure about how to plan a vineyard wedding, we tapped an expert to get all the information you need. 

While the upside to vineyard weddings are aplenty (imagine sweeping, symmetrical views, delicious wine pairings, the likelihood of sunshine),  to-be-weds should be aware of what to anticipate before booking your venue. Details like sound ordinances, liquor laws and limited utilities are all things to consider as you begin planning your vineyard wedding. The good news is that you can work around these obstacles and still plan the celebration of your dreams (we even have tips to plan a sustainable winery wedding). Read on to find out how to plan a vineyard wedding, from top to bottom.

What is a Vineyard Wedding?

What Is a Vineyard Wedding?
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There’s no set formula for what a vineyard wedding consists of, says Meghan Magnasco, planner of So Eventful in Healdsburg, California. “Vineyard weddings can be various events, ranging from dinner among the vines to a formal affair at a winery,” she tells The Knot. “The options are as unique as each vineyard is, which allows any couple celebrating a vineyard wedding to let it be a reflection of who they are and their next chapter.” Read: you and your boo can easily personalize your vineyard wedding.

What Do You Wear to a Wedding at a Vineyard?

What to Wear at a Vineyard Wedding
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Here at The Knot, we believe your wedding is about what makes you the happiest. If that means a beaded ball gown, a playful wedding jumpsuit or a colorful pantsuit, then that’s what you should rock on your day. Addie Reese, senior consultant at Mira Couture in Chicago, agrees. “In my opinion, a to-be-wed can wear anything to their wedding no matter the venue, time of year or any other factor.”

If you’re looking for a specific recommendation, Reese suggests a light and ethereal wedding gown. Consider a fitted bodice with a flowy, airy organza (a 2020 wedding dress trend) and delicate Chantilly lace for detail. If you’re dreaming of a skin-tight silhouette or show-stopping gems and beading, Reese recommends considering the weather “If it’s warm out, anything too heavy or restricting can be a damper on your wedding day. No one wants to be dripping sweat in their wedding dress.”

For grooms or to-be-weds who want to wear a suit, Reese says navy blue or light gray look great in a vineyard setting. (She adds that these colors work well for a groom’s wedding party as well). For a bride’s wedding party, Reese suggests earthy, natural tones, such as blush, rosey pink, sage and lavender. “Play off of the greenery, flowers and the natural beauty of the venue.

To finish off your vineyard wedding outfit, Magnasco recommends paying special attention to your footwear. “Many times the terrain can be uneven and more rural, so open-toed and heeled shoes can be challenging,” she says. She says it’s best to notify guests via invites or wedding websites about the venue so they can come prepared.

What Wedding Styles Work Best at a Vineyard Wedding?

What Wedding Style Works Best at a Vineyard Wedding?
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This is your day, which means you should pick a wedding style that makes you happy. Into a vintage vibe? Go for it. Dreaming of aglam wedding? We love that. But if you don’t have a favorite wedding style and you’re wondering what would work best, Magnasco recommends rustic-chic or boho-vintage. Rustic-chic lends itself naturally to a vineyard venue, as the vines and wine-country charm complement the wooden farm tables, olive garlands and elegant glassware.
If a rustic-chic wedding doesn’t sound quite right for you, consider a boho-vintage style. Magnasco says this aesthetic can elevate a typical vineyard wedding by incorporating vintage rentals, unexpected materials (like macramé and agate) and exciting florals (such as protea and pampas grass). “Set up a lounge made up of mismatched vintage and velvet leather pieces to layer together a beautiful and surprising space amongst the vines.”

Why Are Vineyard Weddings So Trendy?

Why are Vineyard Weddings So Trendy?
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Vineyard weddings continue to be a popular choice among to-be-weds, as the stunning scenery and country charm make for a magical moment. But Magnasco says vineyards offer more than gorgeous views. “Vineyards are one of the few outdoor spaces that can truly allow you and your guests to connect not only to your wedding, but also to the amazing wine being produced, the winery’s relationship to the area and the unique, intimate atmosphere.”

What Do You Need to Know Before Planning a Vineyard Wedding?

Just like any other wedding venue, vineyards pose their own set of unique challenges. Many are in remote locations, so there may be limited or no access to utilities (meaning you’ll have to bring in power or water). There’s also the uneven terrain to account for—both for your guests and your vendors. 

Additionally, if you’re dreaming of dancing all night long, be sure to ask about local sound ordinances, as some vineyards require music to be moved indoors or turned off earlier than usual. However, they may offer an extension option for an additional fee. To-be-weds who love cocktails should also be aware that some wineries don’t allow hard liquor or may charge extra to bring it in. Work with a professional wedding planner, event coordinator or site manager to get all the details before you sign.

Can You Plan a Sustainable Vineyard Wedding?

Can You Plan a Sustainable Vineyard Wedding?
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If you’re focused on planning a sustainable wedding, Magnasco says exchanging vows at a vineyard is a great choice. “Many vineyards and wineries, especially in Sonoma and Napa, are leading the charge on being organic and biodynamic, so holding your event at one of these venues is helping to support the movement.” She notes that limiting the use of disposable items, limiting unnecessary power and water usage and working with vendors with an eco-friendly mentality can also make for a successful and sustainable vineyard wedding.

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